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UpTrek Why Go on an Art Retreat?

Why Go On An Art Retreat?

Disclaimer: Most UpTrek retreats sell out in less than 2 hours after launch. Right now, hundreds of your peers will be making the trip of their lifetime to paint in exclusive locations all over the world. It’s too late to register for the sold-out trips, but other UpTrek retreats are still open for registration, and more are underway. 

Wishing you could take your passion to the next level? If the lines you’re going to read next spark any joy or excitement in you, consider this your sign. It’s time to take a leap and invest in your creative soul. Come with us on an art retreat in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Whether you’re already an artist with wanderlust or just an artistic soul seeking respite from your nine-to-five, an art retreat is just what you need to shake things up and get reconnected with your passion.

1. Connect to Community

Nothing pushes you forward and motivates you to pursue your passion for art like a community of like-minded people who share your passion. Accountability, inspiration, support — you’ll find it all in your new art tribe. 

Share a week-long, fantastic experience with like-minded people who have the same enthusiasm for your favorite artist, art style, and medium. Take part in the process of community formation around your favorite artist and join your own little tribe where you belong, are seen, heard, and supported in your growth and artistic pursuit. The people choosing to come to art retreats are people who can understand you because they are facing the same challenges and having the same experiences as you. You have a chance to develop deep, long-lasting friendships with artists from all around the world. You can empower each other to succeed in taking your passion to the next level. You’ll all be there for the same purpose: to advance your art — together. 

Also, you get an incredible opportunity to spend quality time in a gorgeous location with a world-leading artist. You will get the exclusive chance to share some of the most bonding experiences two people can have: traveling together. You’ll have conversations over delicious, chef-made meals, share glasses of wine, go on day trips, and discover a new and exciting place. Research shows that people who go through notable experiences side by side bond much stronger and faster, and, at an art retreat, you have the opportunity to bond with your favorite artist and a group of amazing people.

2. Learn in Person

The pandemic has been an opportunity for many of us to reevaluate what is important in life, and many chose to take up online classes and explore long-forgotten passions. There are so many opportunities to learn anything we want online these days, but it can feel isolating after a while, and difficult to commit to long-term. And sometimes you just need to see a technique in person to get it. Sooner or later we all get to a point where to progress, we need to ask questions and acquire in-person instruction. 

Nothing beats learning from someone face to face, where you’re able to receive the information directly, tailored to you and your needs. At an art retreat, you get the opportunity to see up close and in real-time how it is done — to be taken through the whole process from idea generation to picking the right materials to the finishing touches of a painting. You get to ask the right questions at the right time and get them answered instantly.

And what better way to learn the style you like the most than by learning in person, from the artist whose work you admire. At an art retreat, you get a chance to study under an accomplished artist, who can be your mentor, guide, and friend in exploring this skill you want to develop.

3. Develop your Skills

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already an accomplished painter, the experience of an art retreat will boost your skill level like nothing else. If art is like a muscle that needs training, then you need to make time to do art just like you would make time to exercise. Art retreats are like a boot camp for creativity. Your skill level will soar in the shortest time possible, while also making connections with other artists, having the time of your life, and visiting gorgeous locations all over the world. Then, when you return home you’ll have all sorts of great ideas, inspirations, and new contacts and you’ll feel encouraged to make even more space for your creativity so you can keep that muscle strong!

4. Get Inspired

Take a break from mundane life — the new environment will help you change your habits and the way you see the world. It will inject you with new perspectives, ideas, and inspirations. 

Taking time away from your usual environment and duties will spark inspiration and allow you to dive deep into your passion like you never could at home. Immersing yourself in a new setting has all the chances to make you rest better, reset your habits, and also your limitations. When you step outside of your comfort zone you become more creative, more daring, bolder, and produce more beautiful artwork. All of this while enjoying the feeling of being in the flow, and experiencing the buzz and feel-good endorphins of doing something you love, and doing it well (or making progress). 

Encountering new environments and cultures is sure to challenge the way you see the world and to open you up to new possibilities, opportunities, experiences that can lead to greater creativity.

Make unforgettable memories that will continue to inspire you even after you’ve returned home. The ripples of the experience will continue to shine through your life and inspire you to develop your artistry even more.

5. Recharge and Replenish

And last but not least, take a break — from work, from responsibilities, from deadlines. Give yourself a breather and pamper yourself. Enjoy staying at a gorgeous property, beautiful trips, delicious food, and fine wines.

Create space in your mind and schedule so creativity can flow. When it’s too challenging to take the time and space to paint at home, a retreat slows things down and makes the space for you. Upon arrival at the art retreat venue you don’t have to think . . . you roll out of bed, paint all day, and have all your needs and wants taken care of. You’re offered space, time, and planned activities and explorations that allow you to reconnect to your desires, wants, and needs. You’ll be able to think only about your artistic pursuit and have the freedom to explore without mundane constraints. 

All UpTrek retreats are located in beautiful, serene environments that offer the best space and time for you to step out of your normal routine and relax. But, in the end, an UpTrek retreat is so much more than just the art class in a beautiful location. It’s the classes paired with the chance to befriend your favorite artist, immerse in an artistic community, stay at a gorgeous location, enjoy delicious private chef-made meals and local wines, and go on inspiring trips. Put together, the whole of the experience is so much more than the sum of all this. It’s a holistic experience — an experience you will take with you for a lifetime. Dare to take a leap and engage with a community of like-minded people who want the same thing as you, guided by a world-leading artist. Join us on an UpTrek art retreat!

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