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8 days
Available in EN, ES, FR, IT
Beginner / Intermediate
SW winds, 15-25 knots
Max. 4 people

What's included

  1. 7 nights of accommodation at Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo
  2. 6-hour semi-private kitesurfing course
  3. All meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners)
  4. Full kitesurfing equipment
  5. SUP board
  6. Airport transfers from/to Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC)

Not included

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra meals, extra beverages, extra kitesurfing lessons
Kitesurfing vacation

This experience takes place in beautiful Cayo Guillermo, an area in central Cuba known for its warm and shallow waters, as well as sandy beaches. You will take kitesurfing lessons on a beach located right next to the hotel (50 meters / 165 feet). There is a special area reserved where both amateurs and experienced kitesurfers can either learn or test their existing skills.

Your instructors will give you lessons based on your existing experience. People who have never kitesurfed before will start with a basic discovery course, going through how to fly a kite, wind theory, safety systems, launching the kite, and doing basic body-dragging. More advance students will learn how to body drag in both directions, how to water start and several other advanced positioning techniques to help them improve their riding.

  • wind window theory
  • how to understand the wind direction
  • physical location theory
  • safety systems
  • proper equipment set-up
  • control the kite on air with a normal line
  • advanced flying skills with the de-power kite in the water
  • relaunch the kite from the water
  • basic body drag in both directions (downwind and upwind)
  • water start theory
  • advanced management of a kite
  • water start in both directions
  • start ride on a short distance
Standard room
Double / twin bed(s)
Private bathroomWith western toilet and stable provisions of hot water
Fan cooling
Toiletries, towels
Room cleaning

During your kitesurfing vacation in Cuba, you will stay at Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo located on a remote beach amid tropical gardens. The bungalows are just 2.4 km / 1.5 miles away from Parque Nacional de Cayo Guillermo. The hotel is excellently located, so all kite activities are right outside your room.

During your stay at Sercotel Club Cayo Guillermo, you will enjoy three excellent meals per day. There are two different restaurants on-site that offer a variety of international foods and guests can often serve their meals outside to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean views. You might even be able to enjoy a beach party during your stay!

Breakfast optionsBuffet breakfast including fruits, eggs, ham, cheese, toast, yogurt, milk, cereals, coffee
Lunch and dinner optionsSoups, salads, various meat and fish dishes, and a large variety of side dishes served at two local restaurants offering Cuban and international cuisine
Regular meals only

The kitesurfing vacation takes place on the tropical island of Cayo Guillermo ⁠— part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago, off central Cuba. The kite school Havana Kiteboarding is located 50 m / 160 ft from the all-inclusive 3-star hotel where guests stay.

How to get there:

Please book your flights to arrive at Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC) in Cuba.

Airport transfers from/to Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC) are included in the package. Please get in touch to make all necessary pick-up arrangements.
Matteo Gatti
Manager, Instructor

Matteo is the manager of Havana Kiteboarding, considered the number one kiteboarding school in Cuba. He is an IKO level 2 instructor. He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.

Andrea Minguzzi

Andrea is an IKO level 3 kiteboarding instructor. He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.

Jorge Luis Rondon

Jorge is a VDWS level 1 kiteboarding instructor. He speaks English, Spanish, and French.

Nicolo Gatti
Manager / Instructor

Nicolo is a VDWS certified instructor level 1 and has been teaching in Cuba for several years. He speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, English and has helped many guests learn to kiteboard and windsurf.

Is the kitesurfing vacation in Cayo de Guillermo, Cuba, available to beginners?

Yes, the kiteboarding vacation is beginner-friendly, no prior kitesurfing, surfing or windsurfing experience is required.

Is the kitesurfing vacation in Cayo de Guillermo, Cuba, available to intermediate and advanced levels?

The kiteboarding program is tailored for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers. For advanced options, please get in touch for a custom package.

When is the kitesurfing vacation available? 

The kiteboarding vacation in Cayo de Guillermo, Cuba, is available October through end of April. Please get in touch to check availability.

How many people are to be expected during a kiteboarding lesson?

Kiteboarding lessons are semi-private, with no more than 4 students per instructor.

Is any equipment provided? 

You will be provided with full kiteboarding equipment throughout the vacation: kite, line, board, booties, harness, life vest, helmet.

What’s the weather like in Cayo de Guillermo, Cuba? 

The average air temperatures start at around 30°C / 86°F in October and then go do down to 28°C / 82°F until April. Water temperatures vary between 17°C (63°F) to 33°C (91°F) all year round. Winds vary between 14-25 knots and come from SW. The winds pick up in intensity in November and slowly start decreasing until April.

How far in advance should I book?

Guests are advised to book well in advance to ensure that both their accommodation and classes can be reserved for their preferred periods of stay.

Are there any check-in and check-out hours?

Check-in is at 04:00 p.m. and check-out is done no later than 12:00 p.m.

Is WiFi available?

WiFi is available in the hotel lobby only, at a rate of $1 per hour.

Is the kiteboarding vacation available for vegetarians / vegans?

Unfortunately, only regular meals are provided.

Do I need a visa?

Most guests do need to obtain a visa (also called a tourist card) before being allowed to enter Cuba, please get in touch with your local embassy or consulate for further details.

Where should I land? Are airport transfers included?

Please book your flights to arrive at Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC) in Cuba. Airport transfers from/to Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC) are included in the package. Please get in touch to make all necessary pick-up arrangements.

What should I pack? 

Please make sure you pack light beach clothes, a light jacket for the evenings, swimwear, flip flops, sandals, sneakers, mosquito repellent, a beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, board shorts, sun hat / cap

Are there any age restrictions?

The kitesurfing vacation is available to guests 12 and above. Please keep in mind that you must be 18 years of age to travel independently.

What language is used during the kitesurfing instruction?

This experience is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish.